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In our business we occasionally come across dogs that need to be rehomed, particularly as we are involved with several rescue organisations. 
Please contact us if you're looking for a rescue dog and we will match a dog to the sort of dog you're looking for and that will suit your lifestyle and family.
We work very closely with our rescue dogs in order to find them a suitable home that they can settle into with the minimum of stress. Take a look at the gallery of successfully homed dogs.

Please enquire via email at or by using the contact form on the Contact Us page.
Or give us a call... 
Glenn 07735 584 684
We are also happy to accept text messages. 

We regret we cannot give out any information about the location of rehomed dogs, but we are happy to pass on any messages to the new owners. 

We offer discounts on basic training classes to accompany any dog rehomed by us. Most of our classes and behaviour work helps to fund the rescue dogs we have staying with us. (For example, it helps to pay for food, bedding, laundry, medication, vaccinations, parasite control, neutering, training, treats, chews, leads, collars etc...)